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Find You Strap Size

Ok so you found a replacement watch strap that you like! But will it fit?

It can be confusing to find the strap size for you Watch. This guide will help you find the right fit.


For Watches that take Spring Bars there are 2 main methods to find it.

For Apple Watch Scroll down to after the video,


The easy way:

Just do a GOOGLE search for the lug width of your watch. 

You will need to search your Watch Brand and watch model number (better to search for this as the size maybe different between different model of the series) or name (series). This generally works best with the more "popular" brands or models. 

On GOOGLE type your search like this:


so if you have a Rolex Submariner and its model number is 114060 you would search for:

Rolex Submariner 114060 Lug Width

Check the first few results and you should be able to find the what you need, the Rolex in our search is a 20mm so any of these straps will fit: 


The Slightly Less Easy Way

For this method you will need something to measure with such a ruler, tape measure etc & your watch.

This video shows you exactly what to do.


Apple Watch


With the Apple Watch, the Case Size will determine which Watch Band or Watch Strap will fit. 


Apple watch case size

Once you have the case size for you watch then just pick a strap and you're done.

If you need any help with this feel free to get in touch with us: