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Nato Strap for Casio G-Shock

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The Casio G-Shock has long been the go to rugged watch, but the replacement strap options have always been limited to rubber or rubber. 

Militarise your G-Shock with our heavy duty or shiny  NATO straps coupled with Casio's G-Shock NATO adapter, 
Helping you customize your G-Shock for better fit, comfort and durability.

Suitable for the following models:

GA-110/100/120/200 / GA-150 / GLS-100 / GA-300

​GD-100 / GD-110 / GD-120

G-8900 / GLS-8900 / GR-8900 / GW-8900

DW-5600 GWX-5600 GW-5000
G-5600 GW-M5610 GLX-5600
DW 6900

Band width: 22mm

Package includes:

1 x Set (2) of terminals,

1x 22mm Nylon Nato strap,

1x Spring bar tool &

2 x Springbars.